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Achieve stronger Marketing and Sales alignment with reliable integration between Marketo and Salesforce

Marketo – Salesforce Integration

The process to integrate Marketo and Salesforce is much more than following on-screen steps, unless you’re starting with both systems at the same time with no data.


Leadaptive’s Marketo <> Salesforce integration experts are highly skilled in assessing the integration and connecting both the systems tightly.

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A team of Salesforce certified Admin and Marketo Certified Expert will assess both systems, perform integration and test it.

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Frequently asked questions

Most common side-effects of failed integration include unpredictable synchronization, duplicate profiles on Marketo, accidental overwriting of data in SFDC fields and loss of data on SFDC when lead converts to a contact.

The SFDC Lead, Campaign, Contact, Account, Opportunity and Activity objects are synced with Marketo.

However, Marketo can only write to Lead, Campaign and Contact objects and read data from Account and Opportunity objects. For Activity object, Marketo can insert new records and read existing but not modify existing activities.

Yes, custom SFDC objects can be synced with Marketo