Please enable Javascript and hit the button below! The angry French king did what any bitter royal would do: Declare war on his ex and her new boy toy.

On one occasion, Eleanor and her mother-in-law, Empress Matilda, jointly interceded with Henry on behalf of Becket’s allies. Part of the marriage agreement between Eleanor and Louis stated that Aquitaine would retain its independence until Eleanor gave birth to a son. He didn’t know it at the time, but this decision would destroy hundreds of lives.

It started with ‘the Young King’ and his associates, far from Eleanor’s powerbase in Poitou. An heiress to half of France at 13, who became queen, first of France (as wife of Louis VII) and then of England (thanks to her marriage to Henry II).

By this point, Henry was almost 60 and the years of endless conflict weighed on him heavily. Bowed by grief, the King acquiesced and Eleanor made a surprise appearance at the English court.

This journey awakened something she had been missing for so long, romance and adventure, being free. While Eleanor was desperate to pay the ransom and free her beloved son, Richard’s enemies kept offering his captors more money to keep holding him hostage.

The couple had five sons and three daughters. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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Eleanor and Henry’s other songs, Richard and Geoffrey, weren’t too happy with their father either.

After 15 years of imprisonment, Eleanor was a true queen once again. Beregaria (Berenguela) was the eldest child of Alfonso VIII of Castile and his queen, Eleanor, Queen of Castile, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England. Berengaria (about 1178 – 1246),in 1188 contracted a marriage with Duke Conrad II of Swabia, which was annulled.

Prepare to bend the knee to the fierce Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the meantime, Eleanor’s sons and their forces were vigorously fighting against their father, but despite their best efforts, the King’s incredible military and clever planning came out on top.

Over time, Henry gradually whittled down the limited powers he’d ceded to her, until she was not even issuing confirmatory charters over her own lands. 1. Famously, Eleanor crossed the Pyrenees with her granddaughter in 1200, when Eleanor would have been in her 70s, to bring Blanche to France to marry the grandson of Eleanor’s first husband, Louis VII of France.

But she didn’t stay that way for long.

John would have her, come what may. In 1215, he married Mafalda of Portugal, daughter of Sancho I of Portugal, and the marriage was dissolved. The queen had become a mere pawn.

As a sign of his goodwill and not at all an intimidating show of power, the king sent his son, along with 500 men, to propose to 13-year-old Eleanor and abduct bring her to the French palace. But before she exited this earth, she had made arrangements for one final “gotcha.”.

Eleanor is full of ruses and deceit.

Constance (about 1202 – 1243), became a nun, known as the Lady of Las Huelgas. Over the years, Henry the Younger grew resentful. She prefers Richard, while Henry prefers John.

Plus, on a more basic level, Eleanor simply didn’t love Louis anymore. At just five years old, the future queen had already lost half of her immediate family. Given everything Henry subjected Eleanor to, you’d think she wouldn’t want to spend eternity next to him, and you’d be right. At the time of their marriage, Louis was a prince, and was also the disputed King of England 1216 - 1217. She declared her intent to accompany Louis on the second crusade. In 1202, she withdrew from royal life and lived in seclusion as a nun at Fontevraud.

Overview... a 12th century English Queen who is imprisoned and estranged from her husband, King Henry II.

And what was Eleanor doing while the men in her family turned on each other? Even better, the duo clearly had bedroom chemistry.

Even in her ‘own’ lands, her role was confined to merely confirming her husband Louis’ acts. Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Descendants Through Eleanor, Queen of Castile. As soon as she arrived in Poitiers, Eleanor sent envoys to Henry, Duke of Normandy and future king of England, asking him to come at once to marry her.

To his shock, the shooter turned out to be a mere boy.

There was also an expectation that they preside over their children’s affairs. Louis was furious. The death of Eleanor's only brother, and of her father in 1137, left her with a vast inheritance. And in order to come to an agreement, blood or tears – and maybe both – will need to be shed. That’s why, even in death, she managed to get in one last dig at her tool of a husband. John would have to handle this crisis for himself. Henry had more humiliations in store: To make sure none of his sons felt entitled to Aquitaine, the land transferred back to Eleanor, but in appearance only.

Spoiler: he did so very poorly. Over the past 50 years or so, however, this theory has been debunked thoroughly. Most of Louis’ anger might have come from jealousy, but he had one legitimate reason to be upset with Eleanor. One of the most popular myths surrounding Rosamund is that she was killed by a vengeful Eleanor. She is a former faculty member of the Humanist Institute. But unpick the evidence and what do we see?

Eleanor was the elder daughter of William, tenth Duke of Aquitaine.

If she is exceptional, it’s only in the amount of publicity that her story has generated over the past eight centuries. Overview... a 12 th century English Queen who is imprisoned and estranged from her husband, King Henry II.

Richard was also most like his mother and inherited her love of music and poetry. Other later suggestions for the victims of Eleanor’s lusts are William Marshal (the knight and statesman who famously served five English kings), and the formidable Muslim warrior-king – and scourge of the crusaders – Saladin. As for Saladin, he was 10 years old when Eleanor was on crusade, and living in Damascus – which Eleanor never visited. In a humiliating defeat, Louis abandoned his men and fled to Antioch. Thank you for subscribing to HistoryExtra, you now have unlimited access.

Years later, through Isabelle’s territories, John was making a not-so-subtle play for the French lands that Eleanor had already pledged to King Philippe.

Eleanor knew what kind of world she lived in.

Eleanor was one of the most powerful women of the Middle Ages.

Alfonso VIII was the great grandson of Urraca of Leon and Castile.

Died of a fever after a campaign against the Muslims.

As England’s new king, one of his very first acts was to properly free his mother from her quasi-imprisonment. She married King Alfonso VIII of Castile in about 1177, part of a diplomatic agreement about Aquitaine’s border. Take CharacTour's quiz to get recommendations for thousands of characters, movies, TV shows, books, and games that are high matches for YOUR unique personality. But Eleanor still has political power within the royal family. Eleanor also lost her mother, Aenor de Châtellerault.

After Eleanor dumped him, he shacked up with a new bride and had even more daughters, one of whom married Eleanor’s son with her own second spouse, King Henry II.

Yeah, the same guy who forcibly tried to abduct Eleanor and low-key steal her money through marriage. A survivor of battles on crusade, and in France of at least four abduction attempts.

But, as we know, that didn’t go according to plan.

There was just one little problem: Raoul was already married. Henry the Younger had married a French princess whose dad just so happened to be an old friend of ours: King Louis, Eleanor’s ex. The official website for BBC History Magazine, BBC History Revealed and BBC World Histories Magazine, Sara Cockerill explodes five of the myths that have grown up around one of medieval Europe's most remarkable women….

A woman who, at 80, commanded the defence of a castle against the attacks of her own grandson, Arthur of Brittany. During the Second Crusade, her relationship with her husband soured, and in 1152, they officially divorced. The CV of Eleanor of Aquitaine (c1122–1204) is one you wouldn’t dare to make up. Eleanor sided with her uncle over the crusade’s itinerary and fell out badly with Louis on that, his failures as a war leader – and possibly also as a husband. When it came time for the French people to explain the disaster of the second crusade, they didn’t blame Louis’ ineffective leadership. What seems to have happened is that Eleanor and Raymond spent rather too much time in family and political discussion, to the intense displeasure of Louis, who is known to have been jealous of his wife. With five sons, it seemed like Eleanor’s political legacy was guaranteed but by 1189, the family had endured so many tragedies that only two of the boys remained.

Between 1173 and 1174, two people joined forces with young Henry and King Louis. Eleanor, on the other hand, wasn’t nearly as enamored with her husband, specifically struggling with his prim and proper ways. Brave, energetic, ambitious, and supposedly hot-tempered, he and Eleanor were a strong couple and by 1154, they were the king and queen of England.