I have read some of AJ Cronin's books years ago and remember them with fondness. Cronin's way of expressing the ups and downs of the deplorable human condition is spot on. 254 pages ,hard cover. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published It is cunning,and about conscience, and life and the struggles to continue living...has some sadness, some love.

Julia McKenzie Terrific in Pocketful of Rye, Julia McKenzie shines in "Pocketful of Rye", Loved Julia McKenzie as the new Miss Marple, Solid murder mystery that holds a tone consistently well and is inoffensive without being bland or dull. Same can be told of this version of Rye.The first half of the movie is actually a version not of the book but of the T R Bowen version of the book.But it's a very telegraphed version ,and so overacted that the result is simply a not so pleasant spoof of the previous movie:gosh,if I want to watch Hickson ,I watch Hickson ,not a second rate version of her movies.The second half,instead,when they had finished everything it was put in the Hickson movie,magically the movie picked its own shape,the characters like creepy Mary Dove ,batty Jennifer and stuffy Percival were better developed and the very good actors had at last something to act(not Lance,Rupert Graves was always good from the beginning ,as the excellent McFadyen).People acting only in the first half of the movie as a particularly pointless Cranham(he was a much better Rex Fortescue when he played George Barton in Sparkling Cyanide) were left with nothing to do.People appearing only in the second half as sinister Prunella Scales and slick and soapy Larkin were luckier and more in the possibility to make a good impression,even if their parts were so short!

We first had Margaret Rutherford (who was ridiculously eccentric and overdone), Angela Lansbury (a miserable attempt at being British), Helen Hayes (far too much 'Helen' and not enough 'Jane'), Joan Hickson (whose portrayal was snobbish, and often nasty and impersonal), Geraldine McEwan (the best of the bunch, bringing to the character a warm, rather cute and most welcome humanity missing is all the others) and now we have Julia McKenzie. Julia Mackenzie replaces Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple in a series that has gained notoriety because of their vast changes to Agatha Christie's original novels. At first I wasn't sure I would like it, and Carroll seemed like a harsh character. Trouble is every time the Marple character is on screen the negative comparison with the incomparable Joan is all consuming. The second one (with one stamp" ) is the one Miss Marple reads out, which says "Lots of nice looking girls here but not one that's a patch on you. The cast, unfortunately, is a bit bland this time around, with Helen Baxendale adequate but not outstanding as my favorite character in this tale, the intelligent Mary Dove. Even as the first person narrator in this novel, he was quite an obnoxious and arrogant, sexist jerk which was undoubtedly the author’s intent. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. kls010 and cubbie are in no way affiliated with Matthew Macfadyen, unfortunately! It was not. AJ Cronin is a wonderful storyteller, and a best-seller in his day (1930s thru 1960s). **1/2 out of 4.

Perhaps she will grow on me but I found her boring. Time has passed by this book. Although I recognized the name, I had to double-check that it was actually the late Wendy Richards (Are you Being Served?) She works together with Inspector Neele on the case, who seems to have a very different idea of what happened. Even as the first person narrator in this novel, he was quite an obnoxious and arrogant, sexist jerk which was undoubtedly the author’s intent. No, Kevin Elyot is perhaps the better adapter of Christie works.But they must left him to fight for himself,without the obligation to steps in other one's shoes.And in Mirror Crack'd ,he has demonstrated again that he can do something good in itself ,without the silly burden to mimic past versions of the same book.But until now ,They Do It With Mirrors is the only McKenzie movie standing out as a very good ,flawless TV Movie on the same level of the better Hicksons and McEwans.